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Thank you for your interest in supporting the blog! I produce all of my content for free, on my own time, out of passion for writing and educating. I hold a strong belief that accurate, scientific information should be available and understandable for all people. That's why this website is not behind a paywall or subscriber based and why I also produce materials for social media.

I recently launched a Patreon, a service where you can pledge a monthly subscription amount towards supporting the continued creation of materials on this blog and my social media. Various amounts are available, and you can access the service here:

A similar service, called Buy Me a Coffee, is also available, where you can make a one-time donation or subscribe as a member for a monthly donation:

No additional educational content is unlocked by voluntarily supporting, but Patreon subscribers and BuyMeACoffee supporters/members will have access to an exclusive feed where I will post about my creative process, personal updates, and less formal ramblings. As the Patreon/BMaC reach certain milestones, additional perks will be unlocked for Patrons/Members, including featuring of your pet on Instagram with a mini post topic or the opportunity to interview for the blog social media about your experience(s) in vet med and what the field means to you.

Any money provided through this new service helps to keep these educational materials free/continuous and goes towards blog expenses, living expenses, as well as my (very extensive) student debt. Thank you again, and please continue to enjoy the blog!