Why Does My Vet ..?

Have you ever wondered why your veterinarian makes certain recommendations, but not had the time to discuss it in-depth at an appointment? This latest series aims to explain common veterinary recommendations and the rationale behind them. Submit questions to info@alltradesdvm.com

Despite using prevention products, or your pet being primarily inside, your vet probably recommends this. Why?

Despite your puppy (or kitten) having shots from the breeder or rescue, your vet may recommend additional boosters. Why?

Your pet has another ear infection, signs of a UTI, or a repeat bout of diarrhea, but your vet says you need to come in for exam before new meds are dispensed. Why?

Coming Soon: Senior blood work?

Vets often recommend blood work at routine or 'wellness' visits for otherwise healthy pets- even if the exam is normal and you report no concerns at home. Is the blood work really worth paying for?

Coming Soon: Dental cleaning & extractions?

Coming Soon: Spaying an older female dog?

Coming Soon: Avoid anesthesia-free teeth cleanings?

Coming Soon: Blood work before (or during) medication use?

Coming Soon: Anxiety drugs before visits?