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 It's more important than ever for science and health professionals to engage with local, state, and federal officials to inspire and enact change. As medical practicioners, small business owners, stewards of public health, animal lovers, and individuals with diverse involvement in animal agriculture, sheltering, research, conservation, and others, veterinarians are impacted by a wide breadth of legislation and can act as key expert influencers for public policy. 

How to Be Involved

AVMA Congressional Advocacy Network 

Provides tools to speak up on issues impacting the veterinary profession and enact change on the local, state, and federal levels

AVMA State Legislative Updates

Regularly updated list of legislation that the AVMA is monitoring in different states.

AVMA Political Action Committee

Collects funds through grassroots support from AVMA members and allocates contributions to build relationships with lawmakers. Provides resources for involvement to regular contributors.

NAVC Embrace

Veterinary Advocacy Network from the North American Veterinary Community